Abtech SLIX 100 XL

Durham Lifting’s Abtech SLIX 100 XL is a bariatric stretcher designed for the transport and evacuation of clinically obese persons.

SWL – 400KG
Width – 1220mm
Extensions – 200mm each
Length – 2440mm

Conformance: CE 93/42/EEC CLASS 1



  • A robust, compact and lightweight stretcher.
  • The flexible material combined to a smooth finish allows easy sliding and permits the stretcher to be rolled to facilitate transport.
  • No webbing passes under the stretcher preventing damage whilst dragging.
  • Strong handles around the stretcher allow it to be maneuvered by several rescuers.
  • The stretcher may be hauled vertically or horizontally.
  • The closure straps secure and allow the stretcher to mould around the casualty.
  • Extensions are provided to widen the stretcher when required.

Full KIT also available which includes:

  • Bariatric Patient Rescue Stretcher
  • Lifting Strops
  • Carry Bag