Durham Lifting has extensive expertise in delivering static and dynamic load testing of structures, components, parts and products.


We proof load test or test to destruction a variety of lifting equipment, structures, components, parts and products. From items designed to support a load of a few kilos to larger equipment designed to take thousands of tonnes.


In-house capabilities:

Testing can be carried out at our Britannia Testhouse facility, where we can test components up to 2000 Tonnes in our Avery H2 Test Machine. Tests exceeding the H2 Test Machine capacity can be carried our utilisting other methods.


Off-site capabilities:

Our team of qualified enigneers can test components or systems at a location of your choice. using live weights, water bags or hydraulic systems.


We work to your schedule, at a time you choose, minimising disruption to your production schedule.


Tensile tests – A force is applied to load the sample in tension.

Compression tests – Force is applied to load the sample in compression.

Shear tests – A force is applied in the plane parallel to the cross section of the sample.

Bending tests – Support the sample at either end and apply the load at midspan.

Proof tests – A load applied to the sample that it resists within deformation limits.

Live load tests – A dynamic load is applied to the sample utilising test weights.

Destruction testing – Minimum break load testing in order to determine the samples MBL.

Third Party witness – Available from your preferred Third Party verification body.

Pre and Post Test MPI – Can be arranged in-line with British Standards.