Durham Lifting ISC Rocker RP500

ISC RP500 Rocker™

Durham Lifting’s ISC Rocker™ can be fitted to the rope at any point and can be used hands free when travelling up or down the rope. The Rocker™ is designed for use without a Shock Absorber or on a Work Positioning Lanyard/Flipline.

Conformance: EN358

Product Description

The  Rocker is a self-tailing device, but the Thumb-catch can be used to park the device on the rope, for Work Positioning or use as a Rope Access back-up device.  The Rocker is fitted with non-aggressive ‘rope friendly’ cam faces.

The Thumbcatch allows Rocker to be ‘parked’ at any position on the rope, for work positioning.

The Thumb catch allows Rocker to be ‘parked’ at any position on the rope, for work positioning.

For self-parking back-up devices you require the RP890/891 & 892 RED Back-up Device.
The Rocker is suitable for 2 person load (maximum dynamic rated load 200kg). Below is a graph from our dynamic test machine showing an internal test according to EN12841:2006, mass of 200kg, attachment lanyard 250mm (including connectors), FF2 (Fall Factor 2 Test). The maximum impact force is 4.3kN (6kN allowed) and a fall arrest distance of 260mm (2000mm allowed). There is a maximum static load of 350kg before the device starts to slip. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01642 240672
Rocker B
Technical Specification
Rocker A

  • (MBS) Minimum Breaking Strength (kn) – Dependant on Rope Type
  • Finish – Anodised
  • Colour – Red or Black
  • Weight (Grams) – 164