Tensile and Compression Load Testing – up to 2000Tonne

Durham Lifting has over 100 years’ expertise in delivering static and dynamic load testing of structures, components, parts and products. We test a variety of products, from components designed to support a load of a few kilos to larger equipment designed to take thousands of tonnes. Testing can be carried out either in-house using our 2000Tonne test bed, the largest of its kind in the UK, or onsite using test weights, water bags and hydraulic systems.


  • Tensile tests – A force is applied to load the sample in tension.
  • Compression tests – Force is applied to load the sample in compression.
  • Shear tests – A force is applied in the plane parallel to the cross section of the sample.
  • Bending tests – Support the sample at either end and apply the load at midspan.
  • Proof tests – A load applied to the sample that it resists within deformation limits.
  • Live load tests – A dynamic load is applied to the sample utilising test weights.
  • Destruction testing – Minimum break load testing in order to determine the samples MBL.
  • Third Party witness – Available from your preferred Third Party verification body.
  • Pre and Post Test MPI – Can be arranged in-line with British Standards.







  • Rope samples can be tested to destruction up to 1140Te using our class 1 H2 test machine

  • Modulus testing can also be carried out utilising our electronic read out equipment


Durham Lifting deliver innovative solutions for safely testing the capability and strength of marine mooring bollards. Testing is carried out up to 1200 tonnes and to simulate the true test of an attached mooring line, bollards are elevated to an angle of 45 degrees.


Durham Liftings’ accredited engineers design and manufacture solutions to enable the testing of onshore and offshore components, including Chain Testing, Drop Testing, Frame Testing, Pulling Heads, Mooring Systems and Lifting Equipment.

  • Testing is undertaken in-line with your required sling angle, test procedure and lifting/rigging design.


Durham Liftings’ qualified team provide a turn-key operation for crane hook blocks, including full strip, service, repair and proof load testing prior to painting and despatch.


Offering an efficient, professional calibration and repair service of Load Reading Shackles, Compressive Load Cells and Load Links up to 1200Te.


Durham Lifting offer a variety of preventative maintenance and thorough inspection programs for lifting and handling equipment (including cranes). All inspections are completed in accordance with LOLER/PUWER requirements and can be scheduled to meet your specific needs.


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