Steel Wire Rope Slings, soft and thimble eyes. iwrc, fc available in many lengths, and SWL. Crane Ropes also Available, please ask for more details

Durham Lifting Ltd can supply a wide range of high quality wire rope slings to meet your individual requirements, utilising a range of end fittings and accessories.  We stock a host of options for wire rope products including stainless steel, architectural, mooring, marine and crane ropes, decking rope, tow ropes and fibreropes and they can be fitted with termination endings to your requirements and an extensive range is in stock for Sale and Hire.  Wire ropes available in large diameters complete with Flemish loop end fitting to provide breaking loads in excess of 1000tonne, are also available on request.

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Product Description


A suggestion of some of the standard sizes available.  Wire ropes are Technical products and are available in many different variations, capacities and have a huge range of usage. contact for more details.

Length SWL
2m 1t
2m 1.5t
2m 2t
2m 3t
2m 5t
2m 6t
2m 10t
2m 13t
2m 14.8t
2m 15t
2m 15.5t
2m 16.6t
2m 17t
2m 18t
2m 20t
2m 24t
2m 24.8t
2m 25t
2m 30t
2m 32t
2m 34.8t
2m 35t
2m 40t
2m 40.2t
2m 44t
2m 50t
2m 52t
2m 52.4t
2m 60t
2m 62t
2m 68t
2m 75t
4m 77.5t
4m 100t
6m 150t
6m 200t
8m 300t


Durham Lifting Ltd are proud to be able to offer an extensive range of wire ropes, cables and fittings for a variety of markets including:

  •  The Lifting Gear Industry
  •  Construction
  •  Offshore Rigging
  •  The Marine Industry
  •  Water & Sewage Industry

Wire rope has many uses and consists of strands of metal wire twisted together.  Compared to steel cables and bars which can deteriorate andcause major failures, wire ropes have numerous elements to take up the load.  The flexibility it offers is crucial and it has been used for years in various machinery ranging from cranes and elevators to transportation methods such as cable cars, railways and aerial lifts. Very often it can becoated in vinyl or nylon to increase durability and to protect against adverse weather conditions.  Wire rope slings are assembled to a customer’s individual requirement.


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