wire rope sling destruction testing

Destruction Testing Of Wire Rope Slings – 1200Ton

Wire rope and wire ropes slings have an important role to play in many onshore and offshore lifting applications.

Here at Durham Lifting, we can provide a turn-key operation for the breaking of rope samples. We use purpose made sockets, manufactured by Durham Lifting.  We are then able to Resin anchor and Destruction Test your wire rope sample.

We will shortly be able to provide the elongation of wire rope under load.  Third Party witness is available if required.

Wire Rope Sockets/Buckets 

On completion of testing, wire rope buckets are cleaned, shot blasted, UT analysis and returned to stock or client.


Dyneema Testing

Dyneema Slings can be proof load tested in-house – up to and including 1500 Tonnes.

Dyneema type ropes are widely used for offshore lifting due to there size and variation.

We are able to Test Dyneema slings up to 1200ton, calibrated and certified.

we currently work closely with the client to ensure these items are kept clean and can be presented as new condition.

Destruction Testing of Webbing and Round Slings

Similar to wire rope, there is a legal requirement to batch test endless roundslings and webbing slings. We can provide this service up to and including 1200 tonnes. When completing this type of testing, we need to consider the elongation and stretching that occurs when overloading these material items.

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