YCH Hydraulic Hollow Cylinder – Double Acting with Hydraulic Return. Ranging from 33tonne – 140tonne


YCH Double-acting Hydrualic Hollow Cylinders with Centre Hold Design and hydraulic return, Ranging from 33tonne – 140tonne.  Operating pressure: 700 bar.

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Product Description


Model Capacity (t) Stoke (mm) Capacity kN Oil Volume cm3 Clsd. Height mm Ctr. Hole mm O/S dia. mm Weight kg
Push Pull
YCH 33/150 335 180 716 310 33 114 19
YCH 33/250 335 180 1200 415 33 114 25
YCH 62/250 618 300 2220 452 55 163 55
YCH 93/250 930 450 3320 465 55 193 82
YCH 100/40 1000 500 578 190 55 200 38
YCH 140/250 1400 700 4080 383 80 253 115


Due to the centre hole design a threaded rod can be placed through the hollow cylinders so that extremely high pulling forces can be achieved for applications such as pre-stressing of anchor bolts, removal of axle bushings, extracting tubes and with puller sets for general heavy duty pulling jobs.

Includes: saddle, mounting threads and female coupler half.

Basically, the applications are the same as for the single-acting hollow cylinders shown on the opposite page, but for this model range the return of the piston is done hydraulically by means of the second oil port. These double-acting hollow cylinders are used when the piston needs to be retracted quickly e.g. with high-cycle pulling applications.


  • Yale ChroMo-Design.
  • Operating pressure max. 700 bar.
  • Double-acting with hydraulic return.
  • With large centre hole diameter.
  • Cylinder body and piston are made from solid chromium-molybdenum steel and heat-treated.
  • Hard-chromium plated piston with replaceable, heat-treated saddle.
  • Metric mounting threads at cylinder body and inside of piston.
  • Stop ring prevents over travel of the piston up to full operating pressure.
  • Interchangeable hardened saddle.
  • With inner and outer dirt wipers.
  • Oil port thread 3/8 NPT.
  • Incl. 2 female coupler halves model CFY-1.
  • All cylinders with carrying handle, from model YCH-62/250 with 2 lifting rings.

On request we supply special hollow cylinders with pulling capacities up to 600 tons.


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YCH33/150, YCH33/250, YCH62/250, YCH93/250, YCH100/40, YCH140/250