Straightpoint SW-GW1 Modbus RTU/ASCII Gateway

Durham Lifting’s Straightpoint SW-GW1 is a Modbus interface gateway that provides a simple interface allowing users to gather data from Straightpoint Wireless devices using either the standard Modbus RTU protocol or a simple ASCII protocol. This gateway allows for the collection of data from up to 100 Straightpoint Wireless devices and provides for simple commands such as wake, sleep, and keep awake. The license-free 2.4GHz Wireless System offers high integrity, error free communications. The electronics are housed in a NEMA 4/IP65 environmentally sealed enclosure. The SW-GW1 is ideal for integration to a PC, PLC, or other DAQ system accepting a simple Modbus RTU or ASCII serial communications protocol.


Product Description

Features & Benefits

• Proprietary 2.4GHz Wireless
• Industry Leading Wireless Range
• Error Free Data Transmission
• Modbus RTU or ASCII interface (RS232/RS485)
• Gathers data from up to 100 transmitters
• Environmentally Sealed (IP65/ NEMA4)

Download: Durham Lifting SW-GW1 Technical Data