Straightpoint Clamp on Line Tensionmeter – Colt Guy Wire, Steel Wire, Rope Tension Meter

Durham Lifting’s “NEW” Straightpoint Clamp on Line Tensionmeter – Colt Guy Wire, Steel Wire, Rope Tension Meter COLT is a lightweight guy wire rope tension meter for fast and accurate measurement of wire rope tensions up to 11,000lbf/5000 kgf and up to 1”/25mm diameter. Manufactured using an integral, high accuracy, Bluetooth module the COLT transmits load data wirelessly to any smart device running our Android or iOS app.


Product Description

Tension wire measure for rigging towers, guy wires, overhead lines, zip lines, elevatir hoists, guard rails or architectural cables or any wire tension to ensure safety and correct operation.
Constructed from aerospace grade aluminium the COLT digital tensiometer is lightweight and easy to handle and operates on wires that are already under tension. Once in place it allows the operator to quickly check tension on cables or wire ropes set at any angle.

A built in smart device holder allows the COLT to be used as a traditional tension meter with on board display or the smartphone maybe handheld or mounted elsewhere.

Supplied in a purpose made carry case the COLT is portable and utilises standard alkaline batteries making this perfect for on-site cable tension measurement across the world.


  • Unlimited wire rope calibration database via Android or iOS app
  • Main swivel joints fitted with high quality bearings
  • Lever ratio of 5.3:1 allows effortless, safe, clamping onto pre-tensioned wire ropes
  • Wireless Bluetooth enabling operator to stand at safe distance if needed
  • Quick intuitive adjustable centre sheave makes changing wire rope sizes fast and easy
  • No easily broken external antennae
  • High waterproof resistant design for all weather use
  • Massive battery life of 1000 hours operational time
  • As the library of wire rope diameters and constructions is increased each app user will benefit when they update and receive any new data.


  • Proof test certificate
  • Operator Manual
  • Carry/Storage Case


  • Guy wire maintenance on cell towers, bridges, stacks, antennas & masts.
  • Guy Tension & Tower Alignment
  • Guy Tower Plumb & Tension
  • Testing for plumb and tension on cell towers
  • Guyed tower installation tips
  • Guyed tower deployment
  • EHS guy wire, Turnbuckle tensioner.
  • Wire rope installations, comparing, equalizing & measuring
  • Median cable barrier tensioning
  • Utility cable overhead line monitoring
  • Elevator hoist, governor & compensating wire rope maintenance
  • Zip lines & assault course testing
  • Fall arrest systems
  • Metro, tram and rail transit electric wires & catenary testing
  • Ski lifts
  • Wire rope tied downs on vessels (using Tirfor)
  • Testing tension of ship mast wire ropes.
  • Tensioned trellis systems

clamp-on-line-tensionmeter-dimensions colt

SP COLT Wire Rope

Metric Ropes
Sl No Rope Name Rope Dia(mm – Inch) Strand Configuration Material WLL
1 6mm 7×19 WRC 6mm – 15/64″ 7×19 Galvanised 0.478te
2 8mm 7×19 WRC 8mm – 5/16″ 7×19 Galvanised 0.900te
3 9mm 6X36 WC 9mm – 23/64″ 6X36 Galvanised 1te
4 10mm 7X19 WSC 10mm – 25/64″ 7X19 Galvanised 1.2te
5 12mm 7X19 WSC 12mm – 15/32″ 7X19 Galvanised 1.85te
6 12mm 6X36 WC 12mm – 15/32″ 6X36 Galvanised 1.83te
7 12mm 19X7 R.H.O.L 12mm – 15/32″ 19X7 Galvanised 1.89te
8 14mm 7X19 WRC 14mm – 35/64″ 7X19 Galvanised 2.79te
9 16mm 7X19 WSC 16mm – 5/8″ 7X19 Galvanised 3te
10 18mm 6X36 IWRC 18mm – 45/64″ 6X36 Galvanised 4.1te
11 19mm 7X19 IWRC 19mm – 25/32″ 7×9 Galvanised 3.6te
12 22mm 6X36 WC 22mm – 55/64″ 6X36 Galvanised 3.8te
13 22mm 6X36 IWRC 22mm – 55/64″ 6X36 Galvanised 5te
14 24mm 6X36 IWRC 24mm – 15/16″ 6X36 Galvanised 5te
Imperial Ropes
Sl No Rope Name Rope Dia(mm/Inch) Strand Configuration Material WLL
1 3/16″ 1X7 EHS  (RED) 3/16″ 1X7 Galvanised 0.362te
2 1/4″ 1X7 EHS  (YELLOW) 1/4″ 1X7 Galvanised 0.603te
3 5/16″ 1X7 EHS  (BLACK) 5/16″ 1X7 Galvanised 1.016te
4 3/8″ 1X7 EHS  (ORANGE) 3/8″ 1X7 Galvanised 1.397te
5 7/16″ 1X7 EHS  (GREEN) 7/16″ 1X7 Galvanised 1.887te
6 1/2″ 1X7 EHS  (BLUE) 1/2″ 1X7 Galvanised 2.440te
7 9/16″ 1X7 EHS  (YELLOW) 9/16″ 1X7 Galvanised 3.175te
8 5/8″ 1X19 EHS (BLACK) 5/8″ 1X19 Galvanised 3.645te
9 11/16″ 1X19 EHS (BLUE) 11/16″ 1X19 Galvanised 4.536te

Durham Lifting Straightpoint COLT
Durham Lifting Straightpoint COLT-User Manual
Durham Lifting Straightpoint COLT-Android-iOS Manual