4040 Pulley System-2

SpanSet 4040 4.1 Confined Space Access & Retrieval Pulley System with Automatic Brake

Durham Lifting’s SpanSet 4040 4.1 Confined Space Access & Retrieval Pulley System with Automatic Brake features an automatic brake should the operator let go of the control rope or lose control of the descent. The braking action is instantaneous once the over-speed is detected, while being forgiving enough not to interrupt normal descent operations. The lifting function is greatly enhanced by the 4:1 mechanical advantage which reduces fatigue, especially during recovery from deep confined spaces. Utilising AS 4142.3 rescue standard 11mm kernmantle rope the kit also comes with a rope grab/ascender for easier grip and can be easily locked off for continued suspension. It can be operated by the user or by a remote assistant which makes this unit an ideal confined space access and rescue device.


Product Description

  • Rescue and access pulley system
  • Pulleys: Anodised aluminium
  • Brake/belay head: Anodised aluminium. If user loses control of descent, the over-speed brake will lock automatically
  • Rope: 50 metre AS4142.3 rescue standard 11mm kernmantle rope
  • Connectors: Alloy steel triple action karabiners and a 8mm tube nut connector
  • Weight: 8.1kg – WLL: 2 man or 250kg – Mechanical advantage: 4:1

Kit Contents

  • Pulley Assembly
  • 50m Kernmantle Rope
  • RC2020 2m Attachment Strop
  • RF5 Rope Grab/Ascender
  • Back Pack Bag

Download: Durham Lifting SpanSet 4040 Pulley System Data Sheet