PSA Inox Star



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Product Description


PSA-INOX Star Eyebolt WLL kg
M12 500
M16 1000
M20 2000


Lifting point to be used as a anchor point for personal protective equipment acc. to DIN EN 795, certified by the German BG BAU (Employer´s Insurance Association of the Building Industry).

  • Penta-shaped, distinctive variety to DIN 580 eye bolt.  Marking: acc. to DIN EN 365 including statement for the number of load bearing persons (= 1 Person).
  • Forged, material 1.4462, 100{e36f5a91c998de831b71657463ebcebc0f1922fe4adb9f636df27af744ef8d81} electromagnetic crack inspected, with a good resistance against removing and local corrosion like pitting or selective corrosion, crevice corrosion, and stress crack corrosion in saltwater and high-chloride as well as in H2S containing medias.
  • The material must not be used in the following environment:
    • Indoor swimming pool atmosphere, especially at load bearing construction, without being constantly flushed by water or regular cleaned, if the malfunction leads to personal injuries. For example as a fixing of water slides or any other construction element (ISER-code of practice 831).
  • Captive hexagon socket screw.
  • Component is protected by patent:  GM9402014, GM 9316475 and additional patents are applied.


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Working Load Limit

500, 1000, 2000