Hydraulic Manifolds, Model MY, 0-700bar


hydraulic Manifold, used when connecting hydraulic cylinders to one hydraulic pump

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Product Description


Model Description  Weight kg
MY-1 Oil Port – 6 x 3/8 – NPT Inner 0.5
MY-2 Oil Port – 4 x 3/8 – NPT Inner 0.6
MY-4 Oil Port – 7 x 3/8 – NPT Inner 1.4
MY-22 Manifold with 2 Shut-Off Valves 1.8
MY-44 Manifold with 4 Shut-Off Valves 3.7
MY-66 Manifold with 6 Shut-Off Valves 5.5
MY-22-GYA Manifold with 2 Shut-Off Valves and 2 Pressure Gauges 2.8
MY-44-GYA Manifold with 4 Shut-Off Valves and 4 Pressure Gauges 5.7
MY-66-GYA Manifold with 6 Shut-Off Valves and 6 Pressure Gauges 8.5


Manifolds, 700 bar
Manifolds are used when several hydraulic cyllinders have to be connected to one hydraulic pump.  All manifolds are equipped with 3/8 NPT inner oil ports so the fittings, hydraulic hoses and couplers can be easily attached.

Manifolds with Shut-Off Valve
Manifolds with shut-off valves are used when different pressures must be maintained in each hydraulic line.  Therefore, they allow the lifting of unequal loads.  The manifolds are ready assembled and can be screwed directly to a hand pump or power pack.


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MY1, MY2, MY4, MY22, MY44, MY66, MY22GYA, MY44GYA, MY66GYA