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Hydraulic Accessories including:- Lifting Claws, Piston Plates, Base Adaptors, Support Plates, clevis eye mountings


Hydraulic Accessories including:- Lifting Claws, Piston Plates, Base Adaptors, Support Plates, clevis eye mountings

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Product Description


Model  Description Suitable For Weight kg
AYS-10 LIFTING Claw, max 5t YS10/…. 0.9
AYS-15 LIFTING Claw, max 8t YS15/…. 1.3
AYS-23 LIFTING Claw, max 12t YS23/…. 3.8
AYS-53 Base adaptor, 5t YS5/…. 0.5
AYS-54 ext. tube 125mm 5t YS5/…. 0.9
AYS-55 ext. tube 250mm 5t YS5/…. 1.5
AYS-56 ext. tube 500mm 5t YS5/…. 2.8
AYS-103 Base adaptor, 10t YS10/…. 0.7
AYS-104 ext. tube 125mm 10t YS10/…. 1.2
AYS-105 ext. tube 250mm 10t YS10/…. 2.2
AYS-106 ext. tube 500mm 10t YS10/…. 3.9
AYS-107 ext. tube 750mm 10t YS10/…. 5.9
AYS-153 Base adaptor, 15t YS15/…. 0.9
AYS-154 ext. tube 125mm 15t YS15/…. 1.6
AYS-155 ext. tube 250mm 15t YS15/…. 2.9
AYS-156 ext. tube 500mm 15t YS15/…. 4.9
AYS-157 ext. tube 750mm 15t YS15/…. 7.9
AYS-102 Piston plate, round YS10/…. 1.5
AYS-152 Piston plate, round YS15/…. 1.8
AYS-232 Piston plate, round YS23/…. 2.2
AYS-101 Support base plate YS10/…. 10.5
AYS-151 Support base plate YS15/…. 10.5
AYS-231 Support base plate YS23/…. 10.5
AYH – 5-1 Cylinder base YH5/30 0.3
AYH – 5-2 Piston YH5/80 0.3
AYH – 10-1 Cylinder base YH10/30
AYH – 10-2 Piston YH10/80 0.6
YH10/150 0.6
AYH – 20-1 Cylinder base YH20/50 2.1
AYH – 20-2 Piston YH20/150 2.1


Lifting Claws
In conjunction with the corresponding hydraulic cylinder, a lifting claw represents a compact, lightweight and versatile lifting unit.

Piston Plates
Can be screwed into the piston thread cylinders.  They reduce surface pressure and prevent the pistons from sinking into the ground.

Base Adaptors
The use of extension tubes adds to the versatility of the standard cylinders.

Support Plates
Used to spread the load, they protect the cylinders from tippling or sinking into the ground.

Clevis Eye Mounting
Screwed onto the piston and bottom of the hydraulic cylinder, in those cases where conditions require pivoting of the cylinder.


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AYS10, AYS15, AYS23, AYS53, AYS54, AYS55, AYS56, AYS103, AYS104, AYS105, AYS106, AYS107, AYS153, AYS154, AYS155, AYS156, AYS157, AYS102, AYS152, AYS232, AYS101, AYS151, AYS231, AYH5-1, AYH5-2, AYH-10-1, AYH-10-2, AYH-20-1, AYH-20-2