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Flat Duplex Webbing Sling Ranging from 1000kgs to 14000kgs


Flat Duplex Webbing Slings.  Ranges from 1tonne to 14tonne, lengths to suit application. Manufactured from 100{e36f5a91c998de831b71657463ebcebc0f1922fe4adb9f636df27af744ef8d81} high tenacity polyester material, meet the performance requirements of EN 1492 Part 2:2000.

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Flat Duplex Webbing Sling, ranging from 1000kgs to 14000kgs









Polyester Webbing Slings

Meet the performance requirements of EN 1492 Part 1:2000.  Minimum breaking load is 7 times the W.L.L.  Manufactured from 100{e36f5a91c998de831b71657463ebcebc0f1922fe4adb9f636df27af744ef8d81} high tenacity polyester material which are available in simplex, duplex or endless type.  W.L.L from 1t to 50t available.  Can be produced to almost any length.  Multi leg slings can be produced to order.  Wear sleeves and reinforced eyes are also available to suit all capacities and lengths, marked with size, manufacturers mark and ID mark.  A soft alternative to wires and chain.  Individual certification for each sling can be supplied.

Webbing Slings supplied in accordance with BS EN 1492 are colour coded to reflect the WLL. Also available in black colour for theatre rigging.

  • Violet Polyester Round Slings – 1 Tonne
  • Green Polyester Round Slings – 2 Tonne
  • Yellow Polyester Round Slings – 3 Tonne
  • Grey Polyester Round Slings – 4 Tonne
  • Red Polyester Round Slings – 5 Tonne
  • Brown Polyester Round Slings – 6 Tonne
  • Blue Polyester Round Slings – 8 Tonne
  • Orange Polyester Round Slings – 10-14 Tonne

General purpose flat slings constructed of 100{e36f5a91c998de831b71657463ebcebc0f1922fe4adb9f636df27af744ef8d81} heavy-duty polyester webbing. These slings are lightweight, less likely to scratch or damage the load, resist mildew and bacterial growth, and have excellent elongation properties versus their nylon counterparts. For use in choker, vertical and basket hitches.

  • 1-10T slings available from stock in most standard sizes.
  • Larger slings manufactured to customer specification.
  • Wear sleeves can be fitted to improve the sling’s lifecycle.
  • Hardware end fittings optional.
  • All slings manufactured to the latest approved standards.


Product Profile and Safety Information – Round & Webbing Sling Chart

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