DBV300 Drum Grab


The DBV300 Drum Grab has been designed for the transportation of upright barrels.

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Product Description


Model WLL kg* Jaw Capacity Ǿ mm A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm F mm G mm H mm I mm Weight kg*
DBV300 300 400-600 600 1040 950 90 34 15 200 400 400 65


This unit grabs upright barrels and sets them down in the same position.  The clamping jaws are fitted with a hard rubber lining to provide a friction hold.  There is a form-locking feature on the drum hoop that provides extra safety.  This additional feature is indispensable if the surface of the barrels us stained with oil or grease.

NB: These Grabs are Designed for Use with Steel Drums Only


DBV300 Technical Data – Click here

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