D85 Pul-lift 750 Tonne 1
D85 Pul-lift 750 Tonne 2

Yale D85 “Heavy Duty” Ratchet Lever Hoist – Pullift Ranging from 750 kg – 10000 kgs


The heavy Duty D85 Pull-lift is perfect for applications in maintenance, mining, construction, steel fabrication, shipbuilding and utility work. Ideal for moving and positioning heavy machines and securing heavy loads, simplifies setting pipes etc. in manholes and trenches.  Ranging from 750kgs to 10000kgs


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Yale D85 “Heavy Duty” Ratchet Lever Hoist, Pullift, Ranging from 750Kgs to 10000Kgs.




  • Enclosed housing with housing cover, hand lever and bottom block made from high tensile white malleable cast iron for overall rugged construction.
  • The graphite cast iron load sheave for the link chain has precision machined chain pockets for accurate fit and durability of the load chain.
  • The roller chain sprocket is made from heat treated chromium-molybdenum steel with precision machined teeth to ensure smooth chain movement.
  • Alloyed steel link chain with zinc-plated resp. yellow chromated finish, in accordance with national and international standards and regulations.


  • All models can be equipped with an overload prevention device in the form of a slip clutch which is factory pre-set to approx. 25 {e36f5a91c998de831b71657463ebcebc0f1922fe4adb9f636df27af744ef8d81} ± 15 {e36f5a91c998de831b71657463ebcebc0f1922fe4adb9f636df27af744ef8d81} overload.
  • Free chaining device to quickly attach the load or to pull the chain through the hoist in both directions.
  • Overload protection available as an extra
  • Adjustable Chain end Stops, available as an extra


Technical Catalogue 14

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Chain Length

1.5 mtrs, 3 mtrs