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Tuff Built Exosphere Hydraulic Davit

Durham Lifting’s Tuff Built Exosphere Hydraulic Davit, remote control to maneuvre, raise & lower davit. In the event of fall, the davit can be lowered to get the casualty to ground level.


Product Description

The Tuff Built Exosphere Telescoping Jib Arm represents the most advanced mobile fall arrest system.  Designed to place portable, overhead fall protection anchor points where you need them, the Exosphere comes with variety of anchor packages, mast combinations, cube bases, lifting devices, and transport packages to give Durham Lifting Ltd’s customers a perfect mobile fall arrest solution that fits their specific needs.  OSHA compliant and designed for long service life, the Exosphere can provide secure, mobile anchor points at heights ranging from 14′ to 38′.

Whether you need a push-pull system, a self-propelled model, or a unit with a highway trailer package, we can customize a mobile telescoping jib arm system to meet your fall protection needs and your budget.