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Durham Lifting’s Abtech ARACHNIPOD Bridge System The world’s most versatile modular total edge management system is unique to the Arachnipod. The bridge is used for spanning larger openings or voids where a regular tripod, A-frame or quadpod would not be able to, such as trenches, large holes, mines and lift shafts.

Product Description

The Arachnipod in its basic form, is a Tripod. It consists of three telescoping legs, each pivotally connected to an Anodised head. The Head is produced from Aluminium extrusion, with cutouts down each side. These cutouts allow two or more heads to connect together, with the aid of a Qik-link pin, similar to a hinge. This joint system allows for the quick and simple addition or removal of legs and/or bridge beam, to create different configurations.

It comes as a complete item with trolley, trolley guide rope and heads ready to attach two legs on each end. There is also a tie bar on one end for use with an English Reeve system. However, a remote brake mechanical advantage system can also be attached directly to the trolley.

Standard lengths are 2 m (6 ft 7 in), 3 m (9 ft 10 in) and 4 m (13 ft 1 in). The bridge is available separately. If you have a standard tripod you can upgrade to a bridge system by purchasing a bridge kit, which will include a bridge and an additional standard leg.

When a TEMS is purchased a 2m bridge and additional leg come standard, however, if you require a longer bridge this should be specified on placement of the order.

The TEMs Kit is the most comprehensive kit option.  All 8 configurations are possible using the TEMs Kit.  The Configurations are:

Monopole/Gin Pole


The Gin pole (or Monopole) is ideal for use in confined spaces, where there is not enough space to assemble a larger configuration. The Lazy Leg converts in to a Gin Pole, by attaching the Gin head to the leg assembly. The Gin Pole can also be used as a separate component of a complex high directional system, or as an additional attachment point in a high-line system.

Handrail Recovery Pole

Durham Lifting Ararchnipod Handrail Recovery Monopole

The Handrail Recovery Monopole can be used to raise a person or rescue stretcher over an edge, by using a handrail as an artificial high directional. Handrails may not be designed to take the load and the handrail can add considerable friction to the haul. By using an Arachnipod pulley leg, a simple system can be set up to retrieve a person or stretcher over an edge and through the lower handrail gap. This effectively transfers load through the leg, sharing the load between the handrail and the leg. It is essential to assess the load bearing capacity of the handrail before using this method.

Standard A-Frame

Durham Lifting Ararchnipod A Frame

A conventional or offset A-Frame can be easily constructed by removing one of the Tripod legs. The A-Frame can be used as a high directional for high lines, in confined spaces. An A-frame rigging plate should be added to provide additional tie-off points, in order to stabilise the frame.

Sideways A-Frame

Durham Lifting Ararchnipod Sideways A Frame Using Pulley Head

This configuration is ideal for situations which require a high-directional, protruding beyond an edge, such as cliffs, high-rise buildings and bridges. Using one standard and one pulley head leg introduces a built in high-directional pulley for ease of use during rescue operations.

Lazy Leg A-Frame

Durham Lifting Ararchnipod A Frame With Lazy Leg And Reverse Head

By using the Lazy Leg, Quadplate and the Reverse Head, an A-Frame can be braced against a solid object. The Lazy Leg has a 16mm (5/8”) Stainless Steel D Shackle to attach live loads, which position the load correctly in the centre of the legs. The lazy leg can also act as a compression member during use.


Durham Lifting Ararchnipod Tripod

The Tripod is a self-supporting device, providing quick and easy access to confined space entry points, such as manholes and voids. The system can also be used as a high-directional frame. A unique feature of the Arachnipod is that it ‘flat packs’ for convenient storage, yet is quick and easy to set up. The system can be used with a winch retrieval system, a mechanical advantage system – or both!

Tripod As High-Directional System

Durham Lifting Arachnipod Tripod As High Directional System

The Tripod system can also be used as a high-directional frame to support remote mechanical advantage hauling systems. Tripod heads should be guyed with their D shackles to remote anchor points for additional stabilisation.


Durham Lifting Ararchnipod Quadpod System

The Quadpod allows great versatility and stability than the Tripod system, when used around/over larger entry areas of confined spaces. These include small trenched areas, convex surfaces and larger circular openings, where a conventional tripod will not facilitate the application.


Durham Lifting Ararchnipod Bridge System

The Bridge system is a feature which is unique to the Arachnipod. The bridge is used for spanning larger openings or voids, trenches, mines and lift shafts. The bridge beam come complete with a trolley rail, trolley and trolley guide rope. The bridge beam is fitted with heads at either end, allowing the two legs to be fitted at each end. A remote mechanical advantage system, such as the R-AL two-way locking Rescue System, can be attached to directly to the trolley.

Kit Includes:

3 Standard Legs
1 Pulley Leg
1 Bridge Beam, with Trolley unit (Bridge Beam available in 1m, 2m 3m or 4m lengths)
1 Lazy Leg (including Reverse Head)
1 Foot Restraint Rope
1 Full Accessory Kit

Block & Bracket

Block & Bracket

Foot Options

Foot Options



Equipment Bracket

Equipment Bracket

Due to the modular design of the Arachnipod it offers a great deal of versatility and kit options. It is also possible to retro-fit parts to upgrade your existing kit. Durham Lifting can provide bespoke kit quotations to suit specific needs/applications.

Accessory Kit

Accessory Kit

Kit 1

Kit 1

Kit 2

Kit 2

Spike Foot

Spike Foot