Durham Lifting AB15RT
AB15RT Mounted plateAB15RT Mounted faceAB15RTAB15RT Mounted

Abtech AB15RT TORQ 15m Fall Arrest Recovery Block

Durham Lifting’s Abtech AB15RT TORQ 15m Fall Arrest Recovery Block is designed to provide fall protection from falls from height. Anchored above the user, it gives the user a safe area of work. The retracting line pays in and out of the device as the user moves.

In the event of a fall, a brake engages, arresting the fall of the user with a controlled deceleration force. The AB15RT has an integral winch mechanism, so in the event of a fall, the top man will be able to raise or lower the user to a safe area. Swivel anchor eye on top.  Can be mounted onto Abtech Tripods and Davit arms for access and egress from a confined space.

Conformance: BS EN 360, BS EN 1496



Product Description

  • Cable: 15m x 5mm Galvanised Steel
  • Max Recommended User Weight: 150KG
  • Weight: 10.40kg
  • Service Interval: 12 months