Tuff Built A Frame

Tuff Built Mobile A-Frames

Durham Lifting’s Tuff Built Mobile A-Frames allow you to place overhead anchor points where you need them in your work place. These systems roll over equipment and other structures requiring access to provide ground-up fall protection for your elevated work activities.


Product Description

Tuff Built Mobile A-Frame fall arrest systems provide secure anchor points on a highly mobile platform, providing maintenance personnel with tie-off capability in work settings without overhead structure. The A-Frame portable design features easy rolling urethane or pneumatic wheels so the system can be easily moved from job site to job site, providing safe and reliable fall protection anchorage where and when you need it. An ideal fall arrest solution for applications with no overhead obstructions or door height restrictions, each portable the A-Frame Systems is fully OSHA compliant.

A Frame


Technical Data: Durham Lifting Tuff Built A-Frames & Quad-Frames