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Spanset Gotcha™ CRD MP Rescue Kit

Durham Lifting’s Gotcha™ CRD MP Rescue Kit is a constant rate 100m multi purpose descent device suitable for rescue and evacuation with remote attachment frog and pole. For operators who require evacuation and Gotcha™ post fall rescue in one kit.  This kit is suitable for evacuation and rescue from high structures where constant rate lowering and minimal user input are required.  It is also suitable for rescue from vertical situations where you can access the casualty with the Gotcha™ pole and frog.

CE EN: 341 Class A

Product Description

Kit Contains

  • Gotcha™ Frog
  • Attachment Pole
  • Rope Descent and Rescue Controller
  • Kernmantle Rope
  • Attachment Sling
  • Karabiners
  • Back Pack Gear Bag

Download: Durham Lifting SpanSet Gotcha CRD Rescue Kit Data Sheet

Codes Height Capacity Raise and Lower Capacity Weight of Kit
Gotcha CRD MP 50 50m Yes 7kg
Gotcha CRD MP 75 75m Yes 9kg
Gotcha CRD MP 100 100m Yes 11kg
Gotcha CRD MP 150 150m Yes 15kg
Gotcha CRD MP 200 200m Yes 19kg

The Gotcha CRD is available in lengths of up to 100m for loads up to 225kg and for loads up to 150kg it is available in lengths of up to 400m.

Work at height can be a hazardous activity. It is essential therefore that we address all the hazards present and reduce the associated risks wherever possible. Correct selection of equipment and training are an essential part of this process. However whilst some hazards are easy to identify, other less obvious hazards can have equally devastating effects. Where a fall protection solution allows the user to fall into a full body harness this is not necessarily the end of the issue. Suspension in a full body harness carries serious consequences if left unaddressed. This is called suspension trauma and is due to a lack of movement and restriction of the users circulation. If the user is able to move or relieve the pressure points then the effects can be dramatically reduced, but in the case of unconscious persons then the effects continue unchecked and rescue is the only option.

Rescue can be carried out in many different ways all with different levels of risk, training requirements, aptitude and commitment. It is therefore important to identify the solution that is right for your application. In order to do this you must consider all the variables such as the equipment they are using, where they are using it and the capability of the users. Another aspect that can be confused with rescue is evacuation. A useful definition between rescue and evacuation is: The Gotcha rescue range also includes evacuation devices or rescue devices that can be used for evacuation. Once again these should be assessed against the application and the ability of the user. Suspension Loop The use of a “suspension loop” is an addition to any rescue system that can help to alleviate the effects of suspension trauma. However this must not be seen as a solution to the problem and is also of little use to unconscious casualties. It can therefore be classed as an intermediate measure and rescue must follow. This is not an item of PPE. MBS 160Kg Order Code: GOTCHA SL Proof Testing and traceability

It is essential that all safety products are fit for purpose, but unlike many other safety products when a rescue kit is required you need it to work first time. You cannot “suspend” the operation and come back another day, the casualty requires assistance and the kit must perform. This is why all Gotcha Rescue kits have been independently tested to prove their capabilities. They are then individually proof tested prior to despatch. This ensures that the product is fit for purpose when supplied. Add to that the individual serial numbering that is on all SpanSet products and the control and inspection is also simplified.

Carry Bags
All Gotcha rescue range kits are supplied in purpose made carry bags.

They are:

  1. Clearly identifiable as emergency rescue equipment
  2. Weatherproof and protective to keep the rescue kit in good condition for when you really need it.
  3. Shaped for ease of carry to help you get it to the work place
  4. Includes carry handles and straps for comfort and security
  5. Strong with reinforcements to cope with life in demanding environments
  6. Can be fitted with “tamper tags” for peace of mind